Saturday, June 04, 2005


Hey faithful readers,

Yeah, I've been MIA from my blog. There's just been so much to do now that the weather is nice.
First, there's the gardening and the lawn mowing.
He and She don't really like my style of gardening. Ok, so I see them pulling stuff up so I pull some stuff up too. All I get is "Bad Dog!!" Hey, I'm trying, so give me a break.
And then there's the mowing. It seems endless. He is out there every other day with that thing. Vroom, vroom. So I follow along behind, and help out by pulling up some of that grass on my way. All I get is "Bad Dog!!"
WHAT is their problem? Do they not appreciate my efforts?
Besides the gardening and mowing, there is the all-important RIDING to do. We get out there and I go nuts! I love being out in the woods with all the different smells, the mud, the water. It's just frickin' great, hey. Then she gets going and zoom! She's outa sight - no literally - she's out of sight. I do my best to keep up, and I get pretty hot in the process. All that running... So when I see a nice cool mud-hole I'm in it. I don't get "Bad Dog!!" but I get "Awww, come on..." And then she lets me go swimming. That actual feels pretty good if the water isn't too cold. But I seem to shake it off at inappropriate times - note to self: shake before getting into the car and not near the people.
So, ok, that's what I've been doing. And let me tell you, I am pooped. I got green feet and grass in my teeth and I smell like a stagnant pond.
And I've never been happier.
Hope your spring is as good as mine has been.

Best regards,
Willie, the wonder dog


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Obi The Dog said...

Hey Wilfred - great blog. I'm with you on the swimming - it's my best thing !!

As you are an experienced gardener, can I ask if you have any advice on how to avoid grass seeds in the eyes .... I just don't seem to be able to avoid them at this time of year, so musch long grass and so much sniffing to do. Problem is that my "She" has a real phobia with eyes and it freaks her out when I'm sporting a seed slap bang in the middle of one of mine (note it doesn't really bother me, they always seem to woek their way out of their own accord !!)

At 9:31 PM, Blogger Willie the Wonder Dog said...

Obi, glad to hear from another blogging pooch. Sorry to say I don't have any hints about the grass seed thing. My SHE probably wouldn't notice anyway, not to say that SHE is not observant. SHE always catches any tics that hitch a ride on me, and SHE can always tell when I've been licking the rug (how??? how???).
Perhaps you could wear goggles when foraging through the fields? They looked good on Snoopy.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Devon and Ally said...

Hi Willie

I'm glad to hear you're out doing yard work again.

The grass stain has always been a problem with you're light yellow feet. Though you've always loved to help mow the lawn, I'm glad to hear you're still at it.

I hope you get out swimming again soon; the weather has been very hot lately for a guy with all the hair.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger Willie the Wonder Dog said...

Devon and Ally,
You should come and see me. My kids are going off to camp this weekend and I'll be a little lonely. Give us a woof - or an email and let us know if you want to visit some afternoon.
I would love to see you.
Your faithful Willie


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