Thursday, July 07, 2005

Oops I did it again

Dear friends,

I had the most amazing experience last weekend! I live in a house where there is a pool - that's right - absolute heaven for a swimmin' dog like me. Trouble is "Moomma don't allow no doggies swimmin' round here." So close and yet so far, that cool blue beckons me on these hot days. Then HE and SHE and all their friends go plunging into the cool wetness, taunting me with their enjoyment. I lay panting in the shade, hot and miserable while they frolic in the water.

And then last week all that changed.... I met Auntie Kay and Auntie Chris.

It was Sunday, and HE and SHE left me alone at home while they went off on their bikes. Down in the basement, I was crying off and on. (Well, ok, first I enjoyed the kat-thing's food, and then I started crying.) Suddenly, the door opened so I raced up the stairs to find a very nice woman who petted me and talked nicely. She let me outside. I would later learn that this is Kay. She went out back by the pool and I joined her, taking my usual spot in the shade. It was a very, very hot day.

Next, along came another woman, also very nice to me. This was Chris. After some of that blah blah blah stuff that humans do, they both went into the pool. Arrrgh! I was so hot. And then, a miracle! Chris invited me in. At first I thought Really? but I didn't hesitate for long. In I went.

Absolutely wonderful! Of course I upheld my responsibility for protection in the water - I had to rescue Chris a couple of times, I think. (Humans are such awkward swimmers I can never tell...) She seemed to enjoy this.

We had a great time, and then I went to dry off for a bit before returning to that blue bliss. I was just dipping my paw in when I heard Kay whisper No, Willie, get out! Your parents are home!

And so they were. Kay and Chris were scolded, but not me. They think I don't know any better. I keep trying to re-live the experience but all I've been able to do is get the front paws in on the steps. And then, I am caught.

If I ever do manage to get in there again, I have a song I'm going to sing to them:

Oops I did it again
I went in the pool
Though I'm not allowed
Ooh baby, baby

Think I'm the perfect pet?
So how'd I get wet???
I'm not that innocent!

Brittany, eat your heart out... AWWWWOOOOO!

Chow Babies,
Willie the (wet and wild) Wonder Dog

P.S. Auntie Kay and Auntie Chris - I LOVE YOU!!! Lick lick, slobber slobber.


At 2:01 PM, Blogger motor20 said...

POOL??? POND??? I'd say your a pond dog. Did I tell you my man owner got a cat!!!??? yep it was a rescue sorta from his brother in law who had to move to a no cat place.... its great these kat things run when you chase them and some times they climb a tree,,,HAW HAW HAW

The other day we went swimming in the river and my ass is so big that it floats!!!! kinda cool I guess.... more later....

At 8:59 PM, Anonymous Jim said...

I'm glad you got a chance to experience the pool, I know you never got a chance to try it in Florida with me, and it was even hotter there, but you know your nails would have probably put a hole in it....but finally you got to try one of these infamous man-made cool, blue, remarkably clear bodies of water, I bet you loved it. And hopefully your hairs didn't clog up the filter too bad :)
I miss you Willie, but I can see you have such a great life now. I'm glad you are able to get out and get more exercise. I assume you still can't stand being left alone. Your home from last year in Goshen is now sold to new people. Ally doesn't remember you too well, but I know you weren't the biggest fan of her (but I know you loved her like you did us). You certainly moved around a lot in your first four years, from Wales to Pittsfield to Panama City, FL to Goshen, but now I'm glad you're settled in one place, in New England, where you belong.
My best to you and your new family, Willie, I will continue to read your creative blog.

Jim (previously Daddy)


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